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About the comic:

Each minus strip is painted on a 15x20" piece of Illustration board. With this comic I am pretending I am making a comic strip for a newspaper in the early 20th century. A special newspaper that lets me use as much color as I want. I'm not much for comic strips so I don't know how long I'll be doing this one, so enjoy it while it lasts, I guess? It'll be updating every thursday until I suddenly stop! Making comics on giant paper is pretty neat though. Yeah.

13/4/2006 - Ten comics.This one is "to be continued". The tenth comic is like a milestone.An easily reached unremarkable milestone. This was actually the first idea for a minus strip that I had.When I started to draw it a few months ago, I ended up making the "trees coming out of the ground" strip for some reason. I think I didn't want to spend a few minutes looking up a picture of an elephant online or something ridiculous like that. I actually finished this strip moments before this update. Getting strips done right before they're supposed to go online isn't fun at all so I'm going to try and get the next million or so comics done over the weekend.



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