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About the comic:

Each minus strip is painted on a 15x20" piece of Illustration board. With this comic I am pretending I am making a comic strip for a newspaper in the early 20th century. A special newspaper that lets me use as much color as I want. I'm not much for comic strips so I don't know how long I'll be doing this one, so enjoy it while it lasts, I guess? It'll be updating every thursday until I suddenly stop! Making comics on giant paper is pretty neat though. Yeah.

23/11/2006 - Prints are available... again!. I kept telling people I'd have them available again around the end of November so I had to do it now. I'll be taking orders until the 3rd and shipping about a week after that. I got strips 29-43 rescanned and added them to the list. I decided to do the more recent strips first because I want to replace the crappy scans I had to make after getting out of school. So I reuploaded new images for 29-43. Take a look at them. Don't know if everyone here will be able to notice the differences but I surely do, surely surely. For the ones with fainter colors anyway. I'm thinking that in January I'll get all of the strips that need it rescanned and I'll start paying for scans of the new strips before they go online. That's it! If you're reading this on thursday and it happens to be a holiday for you, then... happy thursday?




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