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About the comic:

Each minus strip is painted on a 15x20" piece of Illustration board. With this comic I am pretending I am making a comic strip for a newspaper in the early 20th century. A special newspaper that lets me use as much color as I want, because real papers have limitations on that sort of thing.

18/1/2007 - 50 comics today! And to celebrate that I've updated with a new minus strip! Stay tuned for next week when I celebrate the 51st comic in much the same way! And after that comes the one year aniversary, will I perhaps add a new strip on that day too? Anyways, as I think I mentioned at some point before, since I hit fifty strips I took down the "this comic can end at any time..." comment. So... so now, when I think it's time to end the strip I'll announce it a week before it happens or something. Also here is a fun comic. See you next fight.




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