of Ben Wilson, ace reporter.Part 1

The Love Iron of Ben Wilson, ace reporter.Part 2

Science makes a contribution to society! of Ben Wilson, ace reporter.Part 3

Middle of Nowhere of Ben Wilson, ace reporter.Part 4

Today, I am... of Ben Wilson, ace reporter.Part 5

Life isn't a musical!

The of Ben Wilson, ace reporter.Part 6

About the comics:

It's a collection of odd short comics I decided to make after finishing my old webcomic because I wasn't sure of where I wanted to go exactly with the next longterm project, but felt like I had to do something.It will update with a new complete story/chapter every tuesday until it is complete.Hope you enjoy it maybe. The comics were collected into a book which if you would like to buy that would be neat.

It has an extra story about cowboy stuntmen!
18/4/2006 - Hey... hey guys. The 2006 comics revue is over!Hope you enjoyed it and see you in 2007. Unless you'll be reading other stuff on this site until then, in which case see you during the rest of this year ! I have enough ideas to fill out next years set of stories, it's just a matter of stopping myself from putting them online for the rest of this year. Yeah.

11/4/2006 - Things are ...more almost done here. I'm putting off work on the comic I mentioned last week to do some portfolio pieces, but the comic will still go up around the beginning of summer. In case anyone was wondering what has changed in a week's time... probably, probably there were a few people? A few people wondering? I never know what to type here. After this comic ends I'm going to put news stuff on the main page or something. Something.

4/4/2006 - Things are almost done here. I'm working on an actual story now(this and minus were started just as part of a break before I got into a larger project...that's what I do when I take breaks from comics... I make other comics) and that will start going online a month and a half or so after this wraps up. It promises to be the most boring story ever, I'm sure everyone will love it!

28/3/2006 - Today is a few comic strips. I wanted to make maybe a hundred of these, and maybe I could have, but I don't know if I would have liked pushing the same idea that often. I was going to do "other stuff make contributions to society!" but I didn't for a similar reason. So there are 5 of them. 7 in the book.

also: A chaosstriker89 did this very nice fanart for my original comic "Let's Get it Together", so have a look! also also: nothing in particular!



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